covid-19 return to cycling - January 2021

Ontario and Quebec's restrictions regarding COVID-19 change frequently. If we are not in lockdown, we intend to follow the same plans as last year.

Within these restrictions, KNBC is planning to run with a limited schedule. Please read carefully below, the procedures and requirements we are following:

  • All rides are limited to 8 persons per ride. This is a compromise to keep the peloton manageable and allow maximum participation. Each ride will have a Tour Leader and maximum of 7 registrants. 
  • All riders must have an active KNBC 2021 membership. 
  • Registration opens 14 days before the ride and is available up to the day of the ride. If you register the day of, we ask that you give the tour leader at least 90 minutes notice on local rides, and 3 hours on remote starts. Cancellations can be made at any time.
  • Registration requires an acknowledgement of the COVID-19 Day Tour Policy
  • Given the restriction in riders, we are not able to accommodate guest riders at this time.
  • A waitlist will be maintained for the rides. You will only be able to waitlist 1 ride per day.
  • Starting points for rides will be physically and chronologically distanced (see example below).
  • Destinations for different ride levels will be different.
  • All riders are advised to:
    • bring a lunch as restaurants are not generally open. 
    • bring adequate water since most of our normal refill locations are closed.
    • assume washroom facilities will be closed.
    • practice physical distancing while parking and getting setup. e.g. leave an empty parking space between vehicles when arriving.
    • maintain physical distancing at all times during the ride. At least 2 metres while stopped, and preferably more while riding to prevent accidental encroachment. 
    • maintain physical distancing during breaks and while having lunch.
    • ride single file only. You cannot maintain a proper physical distance while riding double. (Quebec has mandated single file only)
    • bring hand sanitizer and a mask (PPE). To be used in case of mechanical breakdowns or first aid emergencies. Masks should also be used where physical distancing is not possible, e.g visiting stores.
  • KNBC rides must comply with provincial COVID-19 restrictions. You must NOT attend a ride if:
    • You have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
    • You have traveled outside the country in the last 14 days.
    • You have been in contact with someone testing positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
    • You have not registered for the ride - you will be turned away.
Any person not following these guidelines will not be allowed to proceed on the ride. 


As an example, if we want to schedule an L3 ride to Almonte and an L2 ride to Carp from KTC, here’s how it could look. In order to accommodate more riders, we run multiple same-level rides from the same location, chronologically separated. At the Kanata Town Centre, we're able to segregate the parking lot into a North and a South section. The South being closest to Katimavik Rd. Different level rides will form up and leave from different sections of the parking lot, at different times. 

Example Start Times and Locations: 

    • 9:00 - KTC South Lot - L3 to Almonte #1 - Leader + 7
    • 9:15 - KTC North Lot - L2 to Carp #1 - Leader + 7
    • 9:30 - KTC South Lot - L3 to Almonte #2 - Leader + 7
    • 9:45 - KTC North Lot - L2 to Carp #2 - Leader + 7

This schedule gives us 2 destinations with 2 ride levels, 16 riders per level. If we need to accommodate more riders, we can add another ride, provided a Tour Leader is available. As restrictions ease, we will increase the maximum registration number.

    • This provides a 30 minute time buffer between like rides, which will ease the crowding at the start and lunch points.
    • This provides a 15 minute time buffer and a physical distance buffer between the different level rides. 
    • It's important all rides leave on time so as to maintain the time buffer at both ends.

Contact the club President if you have any questions - president(at)