Maintenance Tips

  • bike noises driving you nuts?

    Everybody has their own squeak, rub, or creak story. Here's a link to a website by Jim Langley. It's a great resource that gives you ideas on where to look for that bloody irritating sound.  Website

  • Tires and Tubes

    Always carry at least one spare tube when riding - consider carrying two if riding alone.  You'll also need a repair kit including tire irons and patches. All the local bike shops have these inexpensive accessories.  You may want to carry a spare tire on multi day tours. It goes without saying that you'll need an inflation device. While CO2 inflators work well, they're one shot devices, so always carry a small pump. 

    • Considering moving to tubeless tires? Check this Video out first.
    • Good video on replacing tires and tubes from Park Tool Company. Video
    • Low key tube replacement instructions from GCN. Video
    • Tires difficult to mount on rim? See this GCN video. Video
    • How to change a tube --- Fast! GCN again. Video
    • If all else fails and you don't have a spare tube -- GCN to the rescue. Video
  • How To Wash Your Bike - The quick answer is often!

    Washing your prized possession frequently is the best way to keep it in prime running condition. A dirty chain and cassette cause premature wear on these parts, which can be costly to replace. Clean often and ride smoother to ensure a longer life for all your bikes components. 

    • Why you need to clean your chain, and how to know when your chain and or cassette/chainrings need replacing. This video from OZ Cycle explains everything. Video
    • Park Tool Company - When to replace your chain. Video 
    • Park Tool Company and Calvin Jones. Video
    • The GCN 5 minute wash. (My favourite) Video
    • If you have more time, the GCN 30 minute wash. Video
    • If you don't like videos, MEC has some answers for you. Website
    • Use WD-40 as a cleaner / lubricant? Video
  • Indexing Your Gears - Not For The Faint Of Heart

    If you're not comfortable with messing around with your shifting, by all means take it to one of our local bike shops. A simple indexing only takes minutes. MEC and Bushtukah frequently offer free bike maintenance workshops where you can get professional instruction on how to index. If you continue to experience bad shifting performance, check your chain length. A "stretched" chain often shows up in poor shifting. 

    • New Shimano Front derailleurs (FD-5801, FD-R7000, FD-8000, FD-R9100) - totally different procedure. Video
    • Front derailleur from Park Tool Company. Video
    • Rear derailleur from Park Tool Company (This is by far the best method). Video
    • Indexing from British Cycling. Video
    • Indexing from BikeRadar. Video
    • GCN guide for rear derailleur. Video
    • Checking & replacing chain from GCN. Video
  • Wrapping Your Handlebars

    Having a good wrap on your bars not only looks good, but can feel good too. The extra padding and grip of a fresh wrap is well worth the effort. Regardless of colour or type, there is really only one wrapping video to watch. 

    • Calvin Jones from Park Tool Company. Video
    • Calvin highlighting wrapping around the levers. Video