Looking for an easy-going bicycle club in the Canada's National Capital Region? 

The Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club (KNBC) emphasizes the social, recreational, adventure, and health aspects of cycling. We like to cycle in loose groups, and offer rides that range from slow and easy, to quite fast, with lots in between. While many of our rides tend to take place in and around west-end Ottawa, we have members from across the entire region.

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As of August 5, KNBC rides can now have 8 participants. See the COVID-19 specific documents for updates. 

NCC Gatineau Park notices are below. 

In addition, they have responded to our questions with the following: 

Thank you for your patience. I wanted to validate the information before sending it to you.
  • Access to the Champlain lookout will remain closed at all times during the work
  • Champlain Parkway:
    • Closed to all users from the intersection of the Fortune Lake Parkway to the Étienne-Brûlé Lookout, Monday to Friday from 6am to 5pm. Open to pedestrians and cyclists only outside of these hours. Vehicle access on Sundays from 1 pm to sunset.
    • Closed to all users from the Étienne-Brûlé Lookout to the Champlain Lookout at all times for the duration of the work.
  • Fortune Lake Parkway:
    • Closed to all users from the Champlain Parkway to Dunlop, Monday to Friday from 6am to 5pm. Open to pedestrians and cyclists only outside of these hours. Vehicle access on Sundays from 1 pm to sunset.
    • Note – access to this parkway via trails 3, 9, 32, and 36 will not be permitted during the work
I hope the above information provides some clarification. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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    Ride With KNBC

    The Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club (KNBC) is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization that organizes rides for its members, emphasizing the social, recreational, adventurous, and health aspects of bicycle touring within the Ottawa area and beyond.

    KNBC offers a variety of activities with touring as the main focus. These activities include:

    • Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday day tours
      • Under and over 50 km
      • City and country rides
      • Picnic and restaurant lunches
    • Evening outings
    • Two and three day tours
    • Remote start tours (drive then ride)
    • Social events

    If you're interested in what we do, feel free to check our Sample Rides page. On that you'll see maps of a small selection of over a hundred rides that we have in our library.

    Think you want to join us on a test ride? Check out the monthly list of rides on our Guest Rider page and follow the instructions. 

    Monthly Ride List

    If you want to try out some self guided tours of the city, check out this City of Ottawa link - Public Rides

    Mobile Applications

    Now that the season is upon us and rides are in the calendar, take the time to download your mobile app.  Open up the  Apple AppStore or Android PlayStore and search for "Wild Apricot".  Then install on your phone or tablet and Login to get access. 

    You'll be able to verify your profile, review and register for rides, and even get directions to the start location with Google or Apple maps.