KNBC covid-19 day tour policy - March 11, 2022

KNBC day tours are to comply with the existing Provincial and Public Health COVID-19 rules, which specify NOT participating in club activities if you:

  • Have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 5 days if vaccinated, 10 if not
  • Have been directed by civic, provincial or federal authorities to self-isolate or that you are subject to quarantine
      KNBC will be following these guidelines:
      • The tour leader will specify the ride size 
      • All participants are to adhere to the current Provincial and Public Health COVID-19 restrictions 
      • All participants must have an active KNBC membership
      • Picnic and restaurant lunches are allowed
      • Jurisdictions may require proof of vaccination and masks before entering restaurants. 
      • Single file riding is recommended. (Quebec has mandated single file only)
      • All riders should bring a mask, hand sanitizer, and sufficient water
              Contact the club President if you have any questions - president(at)