Code Of Conduct - Mar 6, 2024 Update

KNBC tours are group cycles and require different skills than cycling alone. Safety is always the most important aspect and respecting club cycling etiquette enhances both the safety and enjoyment of group riding. Tour leaders may refuse to accept a rider on a tour if, in their opinion, the rider’s bicycle is deficient, or whose behaviour is considered unsafe or inappropriate for the planned tour. The following bullets summarize the club’s expectations of tour participants.

Registration and Arrival
  • Be respectful and considerate of other riders at all times;
  • Register in advance for the ride and don’t just show up. If you do not register, you cannot attend the ride. Tour leaders do not have the ability to register riders at the start;
  • If you are going to be late, contact the tour leader to let them know;
  • If you are registered for a ride and cannot make it, cancel your registration in advance;
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early to give you time to get ready and attend the pre-ride briefing;
  • Make sure your bike is in good working order. Always carry a spare tube and a few basic tools;
  • Helmets are mandatory;
  • Be respectful of other peoples' property.
On the Road
  • Follow the Rules of the Road as defined in the Highway Traffic Act. In both Ontario and Quebec—a bike is considered to be a vehicle;
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, in Ontario, only ride double file when safe to do so. Ride single file in Quebec and on all multi-purpose pathways in both provinces;
  • Ride predictably and in as straight a line as possible;
  • Ride far enough out from the curb, shoulder or parked cars to be clear of sewer grates, debris, potholes, and car doors;
  • While we are not expected to conduct repairs for other cyclists in distress, out of courtesy, the club usually stops to help;
  • Move off the road to a safe spot when stopping due to mechanical problems, to regroup, adjust clothing, etc. Don’t block driveways, pedestrian pathways, sidewalks, etc.;
  • Signal all turns and use your bell (or voice) to communicate your intentions to vehicles, pedestrians, and other cyclists;
  • Keep your place in traffic. At a light, don't squeeze in between waiting cars and the curb; wait behind the car that arrived ahead of you;
  • If you wish to ride ahead of the group or leave the group, advise your tour leader accordingly. If you leave the group, be aware that you are on your own;
  • It is recommended that members ride at least one bike length apart.
  • Be mindful of cyclists and vehicles in your vicinity. Don’t make any sudden unexpected movements without confirming it is safe to do so, and communicate your intentions verbally and/or by signalling;
  • Cross railroad tracks at right angles and with your pedals in a neutral position;
  • Point out and call out road hazards such as debris, glass, potholes, etc.;
  • Pass on the left, only when it is safe to do so and verbally indicate “passing on your left”;
  • If you come up on a rider, let him/her know that you are there;
  • Do not overlap wheels since a slight change in direction or gust of wind can easily cause your wheel to touch another wheel with a resultant fall;
  • Do not use Aero bars in a group unless you have a medical exception approved by the Executive. Please review the club policy on Aero bars;
  • No wearing ear buds or using a cell phone while riding;
  • Be courteous to other road users – our safety is enhanced if we can minimize motorist frustration

The tour leader has the right to ask a participant to leave the tour if that person fails to adhere to the above conduct or:

  • Disrupts the tour with inappropriate behaviour;
  • Acts in a disrespectful manner to the tour leader or other participants, or;
  • Continually cycles in an unsafe manner.

The offending participant will not be able to register for club rides or events while the incident is reviewed. The review could result in their membership being revoked.