Bike Shorts, Oct. 27, 2020

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1. The Rides (Oct 26 – Nov 2)

The official ride season appears to be over. However, if the weather looks good at all for a ride, feel free to let the tour director know so a ride could be put in the calendar. It is a good idea to look at the calendar as Bike Shorts will not be produced on a weekly basis after the AGM.

2. Safety Tip From Monna - Be mindful of barricades, posts and gates

When making our way around the city and especially on multipurpose pathways - be mindful of barricades, posts and gates, while meant to restrict vehicular traffic, can pose a significant hazard when unexpectedly encountered on a bike. When first installed - they may have been brightly painted and/or flagged - but have now faded to grey, and the flags have long disappeared. One particular hazardous gate is on the Watts Creek Pathway (heading east from Kanata) coming out at Aero Drive to cross Holly Acres Drive. Slow down and ring you bell to alert oncoming cyclists at this blind corner and sudden partially barricaded transition. Other areas to be mindful of, are around the locks and canals, where there are numerous low barricades - which if not seen in time, can cause a nasty fall.

3. Diversions

Article: Update from the NCC on October 22 regarding Gatineau Park access.

Click on the link for the complete notice, but the upside is post October 25, the parkways will be closed to motor vehicle traffic and still open for cyclists.

"On October 25, 2020, at about 6 pm, these parkways will close to motor vehicle traffic for the season. In winter, they become cross-country ski trails."

Article: Gatineau Park Statistics

For those of you who have been taking advantage of Gatineau Park this summer, here’s some interesting statistics. The full closure has made for a fantastic summer, I know I tried to make it up there twice a week. Of course Champlain Lookout and the Fortune Parkway were closed, but recently they opened the Champlain Parkway up to Ėtienne Brûlé Lookout. If you’ve never been, it turns out it’s nicer than Champlain, and higher. The last time we were up there a little debate ensued about which was higher. Here are some elevations.

According to Google Earth, these are the max elevations of the various lookouts

Huron - 339 m

Ėtienne Brûlé - 344 m

Champlain - 336 m

Ėtienne Brûlé wins. The Ryan Tower sits at 361 metres for reference.

Some other interesting stats for your climb to the top.

Lucerne Blvd - 55 m

P3 - 88 m

Base of Pink Lake climb - 120 m

Top of Pink Lake climb - 189 m

Base of King Mountain climb - 227 m

Top of King Mountain climb - 320 m

Dunlop & Meech - 175 m

Lac Fortune - 291 m

Hopefully we’ll get some more good weather and a few more rides up there. One more thing. On our last ride we were speaking to an RCMP officer and two Conservation officers at the lookout. They said if anybody was caught using Fortune Parkway or going up to Champlain Lookout, they’d get a ticket for trespassing. Cheers, and safe riding. Dave

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