Bike Shorts, June 1, 2020

8 Jun 2020 10:11 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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1. Safety Tip from Monna - Be mindful for grass clippings

It doesn't matter if those clippings are wet or dry - when they're in the street, they can be a danger. We have heard of numerous accidents with motorcycles - the same is applicable with bikes. Just like sand, gravel, dirt or oil, grass can reduce the traction a bikes tires have on the roadway. Like all road hazards, be attentive and avoid grass clippings on the road.

2. A Cautionary Tale about carrying ID when you cycle

Many of us are riding out this Covid-19 reality by riding alone or in small groups (max. five). Make sure you bring adequate identification and money, and have a designated emergency contact.

On May 26, myself and a fellow member were just returning from our first Champlain/Chelsea loop when we came upon a fallen rider on the Watts Creek Pathway, just behind the Equestrian Centre. We were third on the scene, the first appeared to be a nurse and was in full control of the situation.

The cyclist was found unconscious at the side of the path. She had major road rash, likely a broken clavicle, and a severe concussion. All she had with her was a tube, pump, and cell phone. No identification at all. In her state she couldn’t remember her phone’s password. After a few minutes she remembered her home phone number, but nobody was home and her husband didn’t have a cell phone.

As luck would have it, my riding partner recognized her and knew her name and history. An extremely strong cyclist, very fit, used to be a racer. We don’t know how she fell, but it just goes to show, experience means nothing when you hit the pavement. She was taken off by paramedics after they made their way onto the path.

If you ride by yourself, do not be a “weight weenie” and sacrifice safety for milligrams of weight. Bring some ID. Last year we negotiated a discount with the RoadID folks. This event prompted us to do it again. Check out their web site and choose some form of ID. When checking out apply the discount code below.

If you don’t like RoadID, by all means, there are other systems out there. MedicAlert for one, or even just a contact card. Be safe out there.

3. Diversions

NCC: Capital Pathway Strategic Plan: Online Consultation

The plan presents an aspirational vision for the best possible multi-use pathway in the region. Some of the plan's key ideas include:

  • harmonization and connectivity
  • resilience and sustainability
  • lighting
  • separation and widening
  • winter use

Share your feedback on the final draft of the Capital Pathway Strategic Plan until June 17, and let us know what you think of our proposed vision, strategic directions and big ideas for the Capital Pathway.

KNBC’s FaceBook page

KNBC has a Group Facebook page. Many of you are cycling in small groups and physically distancing for sure! Join our KNBC Facebook page by simply clicking on the icon "join" just below the group photo. Join our Facebook Group, take photos and post them on our Group page. Or send them to Michèle Dextras at and she will post them. Share your adventures!

This is the link.

Video: South Down Way (4:25)

Last summer 4 friends took on the South Downs Way - an ancient 100-mile ridgeline that spans the southeast coast of England. Starting in Winchester and finishing in East Bourne the historic chalk path has over 3500m of climbing and not a car in sight, just rolling steep hills as far as the eye can see.

Video: Pacific Coast Trail in 3 minutes (3:15). Usually take 5 months!

Hiking article: 13 Easy summer hikes near Ottawa that will lead you to breathtaking views

News article: Face masks will be mandatory for all OC Transpo riders starting June 15

Butter tart research and tasting (ongoing!): Merrickville’s Nana B’s Bakery

In 2017, baker Anne Barr of Merrickville won the all-Ontario prize for her maple rhubarb apple butter tart at Midland’s Butter Tart Festival. Her confection beat out almost 60 competitors to win the top prize. Her Nana B’s Bakery is currently open (with shortened hours), selling goodies such as plain, pecan, raisin and maple-bacon butter tarts.


Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC