Bike Short, May 4, 2020

11 May 2020 10:15 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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1. Safety tip from Monna - Navigating a Roundabout - where you should be

Roundabouts are still causing confusion to cyclists and motorists alike. Remember that you are a vehicle according to The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) - and you need to manoeuvre a roundabout as a driver of a vehicle:

  • approach the roundabout 1 m from the curb
  • shoulder check and signal left
  • yield to roundabout traffic
  • proceed when clear
  • to leave roundabout - shoulder check and signal right
  • exit intersection keeping the lane
  • shoulder check and move back to 1 m from the curb

2. Diversions

More Masks: Grassroot Grannies' masks

Face masks are available through the Grassroot Grannies, the local granny group that so many of you have supported through the Ride to Turn the Tide, the 3 day cycle tour for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Grassroot Grannies have distributed over 300 masks to date and the sewers are still busy! The pattern being used is found at . It does not replace a N-95 mask, but rather is intended for the general public when visiting a grocery store or the LCBO! There is plastic covered wire, like a twist tie inserted in the top, so you can mold the mask around your nose, and an opening at the back for the insertion of extra filter material like a coffee filter, if you choose.

The picture offers you a good visual of the Grassroot Grannies' masks. Some masks come with elastics and some with ties. Elastic is now in short supply in Ottawa.

If you would like to get a mask(s) for yourself and others, please email Nancy Hough at, and I will return your email. The masks are a public service, but the Grassroot Grannies do hope you will consider making a donation to our special on-line fundraising. I will provide you with the link when you email me.

Your mask protects others; their mask protects you. We are all in this together. Let's get masked.

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Selected books on walking at Ottawa Public Library (unfortunately closed due to covid-19)

In praise of walking: A new scientific Eexploration by Shane O'Mara (2020)

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Wanderlust: A history of walking by Rebecca Solnit (2000)

Flâneuse: Women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London by Lauren Elkin (2016)

Hiking perhaps?


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