Bike Shorts, April 27, 2020

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1. Tour Director News

2. Safety tip from Monna

3. Diversions

1. Tour Director News

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2. Safety Tip from Monna - Shoulder check BEFORE moving or changing directions on your bike

With the increased presence of electric (silent) vehicles on the road, and cars in general totally ignoring posted speed limits - it is vital that we get in the habit of shoulder checking BEFORE we move or change directions on our bikes.

Additionally, a shoulder check (unlike a mirror check) will serve to communicate to pedestrians, cyclists or motorists behind you, that you are about to do something, and helps them anticipate your intentions.

It's crazy out there - be careful!

3. Diversions

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Article from Ontario by Bike April edition: Trail Time - Explore the rail trails of Eastern Ontario

Over the years, rail trails have increased in popularity and have become a frequent go-to for many riders. The novelty of car-free cycling paired with beautiful sceneries and hard-packed gravel, perfectly suited for hybrid or gravel bikes are just some of the perks this type of route has to offer. With hundreds of kilometres of abandoned railway tracks that have been converted into trails, Eastern Ontario has become a hotspot for trail cycling in Ontario. Below you can find four routes perfectly suited for a day or multi-day adventure that offer a welcoming break from pavement.

1. Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail (OVRT) - When the Canadian Pacific Railway discontinued its line between Smith Falls and Sudbury, nine years ago, it offered a perfect opportunity for a trail connecting the northern and eastern part of Ontario. Today the OVRT stretches almost 94 km between Smith Falls and Renfrew. The smooth gravel trail crosses many bridges and passes through charming small towns perfectly suited for exploring.

2. The K&P Trail - If you are looking for a trail that lets you explore the local history of Eastern Ontario and stretches through thriving wetlands with lots of wildlife, the K&P Trail should be on top of your list. Cycle the 75 km long trail that connects Kingston and Sharbot Lake. Riders who are looking to head east toward Ottawa can also transfer onto the Cataraqui Trail that intersects with the K&P Trail in Harrowsmith.

3. Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail - East of Ottawa, this 72 km long rail trail crosses through the United Counties of SDG. Nature lovers will discover diverse landscapes marked by woodlots, residential areas, agricultural lands, and wetlands. Access the trail from one of the five pavilions along its way, offering parking and washrooms, or cycle an additional 26 km on paved roads connecting the trail with Ottawa.

4. Millennium Trail - Sandy beaches, scenic landscapes and a plethora of fantastic wineries have put Prince Edward County into the spotlight for cyclists. The Millennium Trail, a 49 km well maintained gravel trail traverses the county from east to west between Trenton and Picton. The highlight of the trail is the 2.5 km long stretch through the Wetlands of Hubbs Creek Marsh and Slab Creek Swamp with a largely diverse ecosystem. The trail intersects with a number of cycling routes that let you explore the County as well as Sandbanks Provincial Park.

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