Bike Shorts, March 2, 2020

19 Mar 2020 11:22 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Next issue of Bike Shorts will come out on March 23 and then weekly after that date. You are very welcome to suggest content. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)

1. Tour Director News

2. Multi-day tours

3. Diversions

1. Tour Director News

Tour Leader Training

There will be two Tour Leader Training meetings this year. The first is on April 1 and the second is on April 30. If you are thinking of leading rides, this is an excellent opportunity to learn the ropes. Experienced tour leaders are also welcome. The same ground is covered in both meetings, so please register for only one. Both meetings are at Your Independent Grocer on Main Street in Stittsville. Bill Bourne will be running these meetings. Feel free to contact him with any questions

Populating the calendar with rides

We are starting to populate the calendar right now. Email tour-director(at) with details of rides that you want to lead, and we will put them in the calendar. For each ride, we need the following information from you:

  • Ride level – L1, L2, L3, L4 or L5
  • Name of the ride
  • Date and Time

Participants will also need the following information (which you can specify, if you choose; otherwise, we will fill in the information):

  • Start location
  • Ride description
  • RideWithGPS route
  • Lunch arrangements

You can make up your own RideWithGPS route and we will put it in the club library so that smart phones are fully enabled. Participants need to know whether they can buy a picnic lunch and whether they can go to a restaurant. Once your rides are in the calendar you should check that everything is correct. At that time you can always ask for changes.

There has been some interest expressed in scheduling gravel rides. We are ready to do this, but be sure that we understand it is a gravel ride. Otherwise you might have people showing up who are unprepared and disappointed. You should also specify a level for the gravel ride. Ordinarily, we don’t allow two rides of the same level to be scheduled on the same day. We will make an exception for gravel rides. For example, we might schedule two L3 rides on the same day if one of them is gravel and the other is not.

2. Multi-day tours

Sept 14-17 KNBC L1 Multi-day ride

A multi-day L1 ride is planned for September in the area east of Montreal, around Valleyfield. The dates are:

- Monday Sept 14: in the afternoon, drive to the hotel or B&B

- Tues-Thurs Sept 15-17: biking each day, averaging 60-65 km per day

- After the ride on Thurs 17: drive home.

The exact rides are to be determined, but examples of the kind of rides we will do are described in this web site.

The ride is being jointly planned and led by Murray Gordon and Barrie Kirk. If you want to be added to our "interested" list (no commitment just yet), please write to murraygordon49(at) and barrie.kirk(at)

There is a maximum of 16 riders, first come first served. If we get over 16, we'll start a standby list. In the next few weeks, we will decide on the details of the routes and where will be staying. We will then write to everybody who has expressed interest.

Murray Gordon and Barrie Kirk

3. Diversions

KNBC snapshot or photograph workshop

The first KNBC photography workshop: Snapshot or photograph held on Feb. 25 was attended by 37 members and guests. KNBC member Frank Schilder did a great job of highlighting some key ideas for taking better photos (rule of thirds). The attendees also enjoyed visiting a new microbrewery and sampling a few beers. Look for photos on the club’s Facebook page. If you have an idea for a club outing to another microbrewery or restaurant, then send your thought to president(at) or to social(at)

City of Ottawa, Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Update

The City of Ottawa is undertaking a review and update of the Transportation Master Plan, Ottawa Pedestrian Plan, and Ottawa Cycling Plan. The TMP is the roadmap for the planning and operation of the City’s walking, cycling, transit and road networks over the next several decades. This TMP Update is an opportunity to create an inclusive, affordable, and well-organized transportation network that supports the new Official Plan’s goal of making Ottawa the most liveable mid-sized city in North America.

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Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC