Bike Shorts, August 5, 2019

8 Aug 2019 9:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As we hit mid season, your bike should get a once over, cleaning, tuneup, some loving attention,  etc. See our website for some bike maintenance tips.

1. Privacy options
2. The Rides (August 6 - 12)
3. Safety tip from Monna
4. Diversions
5. KNBC Photo contest


1. Privacy Options

A number of members have requested their home address not be shown in the Member Directory. In next years renewal form, you will have the option to select that, as well as email and phone number. This years selections will carry over.

If in the meantime you would like your home address hidden from the Member Directory, please email me at with your choices and they will be processed promptly. 

2. Tour Director news - The Rides (Aug 6-12)

Please note the new 6pm start time for the Wednesday evening mystery rides. 

Changes in the tour schedule may occur at short notice. Please check the club calendar on the website, as well as your email, prior to heading to a start location. If a ride gets cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email, providing you have registered on it using the “Register” button.

Full details on all rides can be found on the KNBC club calendar of rides and events on the KNBC website. The KNBC calendar, containing the most up to date info on your rides, is located at

Please do not sign up for a ride if you do not intend to respect the speed level at which it is being offered.

Aug 07 L1 - Aylmer - 45 km
Aug 07 L2 - Aylmer - 69.5 km
Aug 07 L1 - L5 - Wednesday Evening Mystery Ride - NEW START TIME 6PM
Aug 09 L1 - CC's for Coffee - 40 km
Aug 10 L3 - Fitzroy Harbour - 103.5 km
Aug 10 L2 - Ashton - 59.5 km
Aug 10 L4 - Brockville for Ribfest - 122 km
Aug 10 L1 - Lunch Ride - 25 km
Aug 11 L3 - Narrows Lock - 87 km

Participants in a ride are asked to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the ride departure time, slightly earlier if you need time to take your bike off your car. It takes time to distribute the directions and sign in for the ride, which is necessary so the tour leader knows who is on the tour. The tour leader will also make some introductory remarks concerning the route and safety tips. Members will introduce themselves, and then you'll be on your way.

Tour leaders are reminded to contact the Tour Director at: if any changes are required to their ride.

3. Safety Tip from Monna - How to Report Aggressive Drivers

When encountering an aggressive driver on the road:

  • Take note of the vehicle make, model, colour, licence, driver, including date, time, location and details of the incident;
  • Call the Police or 911 esp if you think the driver is going to hurt someone or is possibly impaired and say you wish to make a report of road rage etc;
  • In either case, say you want a report taken and ask for the report number;
  • If police say they will not take a report; ask for their name and ID, and their supervisors name;
  • Ask to speak to a supervisor, ask the supervisor to make a report; if they refuse, write a letter of complaint to the Chief of Police;
  • If you haven’t heard back from the police in 2-3 weeks, call them and ask to speak to the investigator of your incident; and
  • If the aggressive driver is driving a commercial vehicle - 'goggle' the company name and report the incident to the company management.

4. Diversions

Movie: Peleton Against Plastic, Monday August 6, 7 pm Cineplex Odeon South keys Cinema

The Peloton Against Plastic feature length documentary follows a bicycle ride from Hanoi to Bangkok, designed to generate conversation about prevention of plastic pollution. While SE Asian countries get a bit of a bad ‘wrap’ when it comes to plastic. The filmmakers aim is to listen to locals, hear their ideas, their solutions and riff about the future of the plastic menace.

5. KNBC Photo Contest 

Please keep the photos coming for our third round of the photo contest.

We are a good looking group of cyclists that travel in many beautiful communities on our club rides. I am sure you have many cool photos you have on our phones that have been taken during club rides. There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of smiling cyclist commuting on two wheels; share them and let us see!  You could win a prize and have your photo placed on the front of our new jazzy website. 

Themes for third round of our club photo contest. Deadline for submission is August 25. 

Portraits of you and your bicycle overcoming obstacles and shots of groups wearing the KNBC cycling jersey. 

  • Maximum size either by dimensions (1200 x 1800 pixels) or file size (max. 6 mb) 
  • Format: jpeg 
  • Colour or Black & White 

In your submission: include your last name in title of photo file and indicate where you took the photo. Photos must have been taken in 2019. 

Please remember that KNBC strives to achieve high standards of safety and courtesy among its members; please take this into consideration when taking your photos. 

Please Email photos to:


Dave Boshard, Webmaster, KNBC