Bike Shorts, April 29, 2019

6 May 2019 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Last chance for renewal

The renewal season is drawing to an end as cycling season takes off. For those of you who haven’t renewed yet, as of May 2 your membership will expire. Should you still want to ride with us (and yes warmer weather is coming eventually), please login and renew.

This week in Bike Shorts:

1. Tour Director news

2. The Rides (April 30 - May 6)

3. New this season: KNBC Riding Skills Clinic

4. Safety tip from Monna

5. Diversions

6. Bell mail update

7. KNBC website

8. Ridewithgps


1. Tour Director news

Registration for Day Tours

With the registration feature working well beyond our expectations, we will now be asking that you RSVP for any ride you will be attending. It does not matter if the ride is remote or not. Those intending to attend any ride, regardless of the start location, will be asked to RSVP, using the "Register” button in the ride details. You can still notify the Tour Leader by email or phone, but the preferred method is by using the “Register” button, located on the left side of the “Ride Details” page, of the ride on which you are registering. To avoid instances of people registering too far in advance and then forgetting about it, registration for each ride will only become available/active 2 weeks prior to the ride date. After you register for a ride, you will automatically receive an email giving you full details about the ride for which you registered. You may also receive notices by email from your tour leader, if there are any last minute changes, cancellations, special instruction etc. This has proven to be an excellent feature of the new website and has been extremely well received by participants and Tour Leaders alike.

2. The Rides (April 30 - May 6)

Changes in the tour schedule may occur at short notice. Please check the Club Calendar on the website, as well as your email, prior to heading to a start location. Typically, Bike Shorts Extras will not be sent out for cancellations or short notice ride additions. Instead, cancellations and additions will be reflected on the calendar, as soon as the Tour Director or Assistant Tour Director is notified. Additionally, if a ride gets cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email, providing you have registered on it using the “Register” button.

Tour leaders are reminded to contact the Tour Director ASAP, if any changes are required to their ride.

Full details on all rides can be found on the KNBC Club Calendar of rides and events on the KNBC website. The KNBC Calendar, containing the most up to date info on your rides, is located at

4 May 2019

L1 - Pinhey's Point - 48.2 km

L2 - Norway Bay - 79 km

5 May 2019

KNBC Riding Skills Clinic (still a few spots)

L3 - Pakenham - 88 km

L4 - Ashton- 71.5 km

Should you have any questions or require more information, contact the KNBC Tour Director at:

3. New this season: KNBC Riding Skills Clinic

What to be safer on the road? Be more social when riding with a group? Have more fun? In this 3-hour clinic, we’ll practice basic skills to help you ride safer with more confidence. We’ll also learn basic group riding skills, so we can be more comfortable riding together as a group. The clinic is for both new and experienced KNBC members. It involves lots of drills with practice, and accommodates cyclists with a wide range skills and abilities. The format of the clinic is one of fun, and play.

When & Where:

  • All Saints High School, 5115 Kanata Ave, east parking lot.
  • Sunday May 5, 9:00 AM
  • Sunday May 12, 1:00 PM (Soldout)
  • If it’s rainy weather, we’ll cancel and re-schedule.

To register:

  • Register on-line using the KNBC rides calendar on the website.
  • Questions? Contact Bill by email, or at (613) 820-6452

One of the two clinics is now full and taking waitlist registrations only. If you’re registered and find that you can’t make the clinic, please cancel your registration online so the next in line can be notified as soon as possible.

More details here:

4. Safety tip from Monna – We are not trying to be all 'Tour de France'

Cyclists are safest when other road users can see them. I've heard motorist's say: "it must be spring - the cyclist are back". Therefore; be conspicuous when on the road. Wear bright and/or florescent clothing which helps you to be seen, especially at night. And - as many of us know, our jerseys and cycling shorts are actually functional – they’re not about looking like you think you’re in the “Tour de France” (because, firstly, there isn’t a women’s one) – they just make the rider safer, and with the essential padded shorts, more comfortable when riding 50-100 km.

5. Diversions

Saturday & Sunday, May 4 and 5, Helmet Discount weekend

Ottawa Public Health is partnering with sports retailers across Ottawa to offer you a discount on helmets – for the 8th year in a row! See link below for a list of retailers.

Wednesday May 8, Anyone can ride a bike, 12:15 – 1 pm. Ottawa Library 120 Metcalfe St.

Join Hans Moor for a presentation about how everyone can ride a bike. With the support of photos and clips, Hans will show many different options to get people on a bicycle. Hans was president of Bike Ottawa from 2010 to 2015 and is active in the cycling community.

Wednesday May 8, Urban Cycling Workshop / Atelier de Cyclisme urbain 7-8 pm

Richcraft Recreation Complex, 4101 Innovation Dr, Kanata, Ontario K2K 0J3

EnviroCentre, in cooperation with the Kanata North Transportation Committee, will be presenting an urban cycling workshop, offering tips on route planning in your neighbourhood, best practices for becoming a confident rider and addressing the concerns and benefits of commuting by bike.

We will discuss local infrastructure and talk through how to use the following:

  • Bike boxes – what are they and how to use them.
  • Separated cycling facilities (one directional and bi-directional) – how they differ and safe cycling tips.
  • The “Copenhagen Left” – a simple two stage turning technique that reduces risks to cyclists making a left turn.
  • General best practices for ensuring visibility while cycling on the road.
  • Bike to Transit

Article: How to look over your shoulder on a bicycle without swerving

Article: A dozen mistakes endurance cyclists make

Article: Preparing for a multi-day ride

Safety item: Free emergency contact card

Video: Do your pets cycle? (18 sec.)

6. Bell email update

Still no resolution to the and email issues. Wild Apricot has requested Bell whitelist their mail servers’ addresses, but no response from them yet. Wild Apricot suggested a joint approach whereby our affected members put in support tickets with Bell. Oddly enough, as an email provider, Bell doesn’t have an email address where you can contact them for support. They seem to be big on phone support and online chats. If you’re so inclined, please try to contact them and complain. Here’s some sample text for you.

My bicycle club is trying to send me email but Bell is rejecting them with these messages. My club tries to resend them, which does work, but is totally impractical when we have hundreds of members.

Failure text: 421 connection refused from []

Failure text: 421 connection refused from []

Please unblock these IP addresses or add them to your whitelist so I can receive these messages. I am not able to receive event information and financial receipts because of this. The current solution is for all members to get gmail accounts.


7. KNBC Website


The ride registration system has been a tremendous success. On the inaugural club ride April 13, there were a total of 58 riders and leaders out for the 4 scheduled rides - that must be some kind of record! It was quite the windy day, but it was good to get out.

As a side effect of this success, we’ve had to restrict our club calendar to Members Only. Leaving registration open to the general public was causing us a few problems. As a compromise to those looking to target a ride as a guest, we’ll be maintaining a list of rides on the home page, but there will be no links to register. If you’re looking for the calendars, you’ll have to log in to see them.

When looking for a ride to join, try the Detailed List view. You can scroll through all the upcoming rides and view the descriptions. The Register button is right there if you get the urge. A reminder that registration is automatically enabled 2 weeks before the ride. Check the calendar frequently in case of changes (green) and/or cancellations (red).

New Pages

We’re always looking for new content to add to our site. One suggestion was to add some maintenance tips, which we’ve done. Check out Maintenance Tips under Safety & Education. There are links to various videos that we’ve used to change tires, index gears, wrap handlebars, etc.


Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC