July 19, 2021

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Bike Shorts is published weekly. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, buy a butter tart or two for the president, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts@knbc.ca

Quote of the week: "Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.", Charles Schultz

1. The Rides (July 20-26)

Changes in the tour schedule may occur at short notice. Please check the Club Calendar on the website, as well as your email, prior to heading to a start location. Cancellations and additions will be reflected on the calendar, as soon as the Tour Director is notified. Additionally, if a ride gets cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email.

Tour leaders are reminded to contact the Tour Director at: tour-director@knbc.ca if any changes are required to their ride.

Full details on all rides can be found on the KNBC Club Calendar of rides and events on the KNBC website. The KNBC Calendar, containing the most up to date info on your rides, is located at https://knbc.ca/page-18460

Wednesday, July 21

L1 - Two Rivers and a Canal - 68 km

Thursday, July 22

L3 - Champlain via Fortune - 75 km

Saturday, July 24

L2 – Perkins – 69 km

L3 - Spencerville - 102 km

Sunday, July 25

L1 – Constance lake – 51 km

L4 – Portage du Fort – 117 km

2. Safety Tip from Monna - Navigating a roundabout - where you should be

Roundabouts are still causing confusion to cyclists and motorists alike. Remember that you are a vehicle according to The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) - and, you need to manoeuvre a roundabout as a driver of a vehicle:

  • approach the roundabout 1 m from the curb
  • shoulder check and signal left yield to roundabout traffic
  • proceed when clear
  • to leave roundabout - shoulder check and signal right exit intersection
  • keeping the lane shoulder check and move back to 1 m from the curb.

If you are NOT comfortable navigating like a vehicle, dismount and walk (not ride) on the sidewalk as a pedestrian.


3. E-bike policy and guidance

The club officially welcomes e-bikes. This has unofficially been the case for a few years. It is now an official policy. The document on the website provides safety considerations and guidance to ride leaders and e-bike users.


4. Diversions

Article: A pro cyclist rode an unofficial, solo Tour De France and beat the pack


Foodie tour: Kawarthas Northumberland Butter Tart tour

The Butter Tart Tour has grown to over 50 locations throughout Kawarthas Northumberland. You can taste your way across Northumberland County, Peterborough County, the City of Peterborough, and Kawartha Lakes. Tour partners include our stellar local bakeries, charming cafes, and elegant restaurants as well as welcoming resorts and inns across the region each serving up their take on this Canadian classic treat.


Video: Dream ride (5:30)


Video: Things only professionals can do while cycling (0:22)


Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC