CAN-BIKE Level 4 Course (formerly CAN-BIKE-2) for 2021

For new and experienced cyclists alike

Do not be intimidated by the name change to 'Level 4'. Cycling Canada has changed the name from '2' to '4' – but – the content has remained the same. This course is for new and experienced cyclists alike! This course is designed to increase the abilities and knowledge of all cyclists, to be able to ride more effectively through all forms of traffic infrastructures.  

You will become more confident and have increased awareness on both urban and rural roadways! Most importantly - you will learn correct road positioning to avert accidents. You will learn both the theory and get to practice what being a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act really means: the applicable rules, and how to apply them defensively, to be safer in all situations. Ideally – you will become the example to emulate.

Dates and location:

  • The 2021 training dates and location will be determined once the Health status has been determined for the 2021 cycling season by the City of Ottawa.

To register: 

  • Register on-line using the KNBC rides calendar on the website when the event is scheduled.
  • Questions? Contact Monna by email,, or at (613) 599-1258.

About the leader: 

Monna-Leigh McElveny was a professional Safety Officer with the Department of  National Defence, (Operational health and safety, Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation safety and Laser safety). She is a trained CANBIKE instructor, and sits on the Kanata North Transportation Committee, and the MS Ride Committee for Bike Safety. Monna developed and implemented the "Pedal Play" mobile bike rodeo in Kanata, and was the 2014 recipient of the Bruce Timmermans Award. 

KNBC Riding skills clinic

Want to be safer on the road? Be more social when riding with a group? Have more fun? In this 3-hour clinic, we’ll practice basic skills to help you ride safer with more confidence. We’ll also learn basic group riding skills, so we can be more comfortable riding together as a group.  The clinic is for both new and experienced KNBC members. It involves lots of drills with practice, and accommodates cyclists with a wide range skills and abilities.  The format of the clinic is one of fun, and play.


  • Fun, simple, on-bike drills to help improve your riding;
  • Easy riding at a slower pace. No fast or “scary” stuff; 
  • Much of the session will be in a parking lot, followed by an approximate 45 minute ride around the community for group practice;
  • The drills all have variants to accommodate a wide range of abilities. It’s up to you to decide your own comfort zone and challenge level.  We expect “nervous beginners”. And we really encourage experienced “high skills” riders to attend and practice their skills…. everyone will learn something new;
  • The group riding portion is about riding safe and socially in a group. It’s not a course in “drafting”. (But this training is a good prerequisite for learning how to draft effectively);
  • Questions and discussion around riding skills, appropriate cycling equipment, etc. are encouraged throughout the session;
  • Small class size: Maximum 10 people per session, More sessions to be added if required.


  • You and your bike in safe operating condition and your helmet, ready to ride. Bring a water bottle and a snack. 


  • To be scheduled in 2021


  • Register on-line using the KNBC rides calendar on the website when event is scheduled. 
  • Questions? Contact Bill by email,, or at (613) 820-6452


  • Bill Bourne is a trained cycling coach under the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) at the Community Initiation (This class!) and Introduction to Competition Levels. He is also a trained CanBike instructor. Bill is a coach in the Ottawa Bicycle Club’s Youth Development Program, and is a coach for the OBC’s Introduction to Group Riding, and Advanced Riding Skills Clinics for adults.


  1. Basic Bike & Equipment Information
    • ABC Quick Check, clothing, equipment, what to carry.
  2. Signaling & Communications (it’s a culture)
    • Traffic signals & road hazard signals. When to signal? Verbal or gesture or both?
    • Non-verbal, subtle communication
  3. The Ready Position - this one thing will keep you safe, and make you a more confident bike handler
    • Railway tracks and cross-road obstacles
  4. Straight Line Riding practice
    • While shoulder checking and looking back. While signaling. While chatting with another rider!
  5. The “rock dodge” and “quick turn” for obstacle avoidance
    • What the heck is counter steering anyway? Why do I care?
    • Rock Dodge - avoid an obstacle on the road
    • Quick Turn - avoid a vehicle that moves into your path
  6. Emergency Braking - Stop quickly while staying in control. 
    • The secrets to effective braking revealed.
  7. Single line group riding
  8. Double Line Group Riding
  9. Putting it all together: going for a short ride.