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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    Quote of the week (inspired by TriRudy quotes – trirudy.com):

     “You can say that climbers suffer the same as the other riders, but they suffer in a different way. You feel the pain, but you’re glad to be there” – Richard Virenque, retired French pro racer

    1. Safety tip from Monna - Be careful when riding the NCC multiuse pathways 

    As the weather improves, be careful when riding the NCC multiuse pathways. There may be sections of flooding, and generally lots of gravel, debris and ongoing tree-cutting/clearing operations. Add to this the volume of eclectic traffic: pedestrians, baby strollers, toddlers, senior citizens, dog walkers, joggers, roller-bladers, wheelchairs, and Canada geese. 

    PLEASE respect the speed limit of 20 kilometres per hour, ride single file, ring your bell and call out "passing on your left" as you pass other pathway users - and please respect physical distancing as you pass.  If you wish to go faster - use the road. 

    2. Member Forum

    With the pandemic that never seems to end, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the services we provide you as a club member. Bike shop discounts and RWGPS are givens, but consider using and following our Member Forum. Members are discussing things for sale, advising of road closures, trying to find ride partners, etc. It’s private to our club and you can get email notices Immediately, Daily, or Weekly. Check it out.

    3. Diversions

    Event: Wednesday April 21, 8 PM Bike Minds - Bikes + children no. 2 (free)


    Event: September 8th, 2021, 12th Annual Ride to Turn the Tide

    The Grassroot Grannies invite all cyclists to join their 12th Annual Turn the Tide on September 8th, 2021. This year cyclists will be able to choose from 3 distances, 55 km, 75 km and 100 km. All loops will all begin and end at Bushtukah in Stittsville. We are cycling primarily  to raise funds for the Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which supports millions of grandmothers in Sub-Saharan Africa who are raising their grandchildren orphaned by HIV-AIDS, but also for fun and fitness!  For more information checkout our website at Events (grassrootgrannies.com)  or contact Stella Val at stella-val@rogers.com

    Article: 9 Awesome bikepacking routes in Ontario’s highlands


    Article: ‘All bodies on bikes’: These two cyclists are advancing the conversation about size inclusion in cycling


    Article: Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities


    Photo: Biking bubble = Pubble


    Gatineau Artwork

    For those of you who are fans of Gatineau Park, be it winter or summer, a local artist has created a series of numbered prints of your favourite climbs. Check out the website link below. You can order in multiple sizes & formats, English or French, Bike or Ski.


    From now until the end of June, Mike has granted exclusively to KNBC, a 10% discount code on purchases. Just enter the discount code KNBC10 at checkout when purchasing the prints.  Please do not pass this outside of the club as this is exclusive to us. Happy riding.

    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    1. Welcome new members

    Debra Smith, Jamie Smith

    2. Tour Director News

    To be or not to be, that is the question.

    We have decided not to schedule rides in April. We were proceeding with the hope that the infection numbers would improve. Instead they were getting worse. From the start, we decided to schedule rides as usual because it is easy to cancel at the eleventh hour, but we can’t schedule at the eleventh hour. We apologize to anyone for whom this has been an inconvenience and we very much appreciate those who have stepped forward and volunteered to lead the rides on April 17. We have already stopped registration on the April 17 rides and we will soon be cancelling them.

    We encourage members to submit rides to the calendar for dates beginning with the May 8-9 weekend and thereafter. The executive may decide it is not yet time to open the season, but it is good to schedule them in advance because rides scheduled at the last minute may have few, if any, participants. It is possible that we might have rides on the May 1-2 weekend, but, right now, it is hard to think clearly about that.

    Barrie pointed out that, during COVID, it is not a good idea to follow our usual practise of having kickoff rides converge on the same lunch spot. So I am inclined to just skip the traditional kickoff rides as we did last year, and let the members submit rides to the calendar as they will. The kickoff rides are a wonderful tradition. At the start and at lunch and on the road, it’s great to see so many people, many of whom we haven’t seen all winter. Unfortunately, none of this works during COVID. Next year we will have kickoff rides that will make everyone forget the Super Bowl.

    The situation this year is dramatically different from when we rode last year. The bad news is that infection rates are much worse now than they were last summer. The good news is that some of us have already been vaccinated and more have been scheduled for vaccination. Currently, everyone over 55 can attempt to book a shot at https://shoppers-drug-mart.c.eforms.loblaw.ca/#/covid/covid-19-vaccine-patient-registration/Welcome/0?lang=en . Come May, we may find that a significant number of us have been vaccinated, and more will be scheduled for their shot.

    What does this all mean in terms of KNBC rides? I have no idea. We are flying by the seat of our pants. One thing I do know – I want to keep our COVID measures in place until we are given the green light by the government and the medical authorities. Even if we are vaccinated, we can be vectors of transmission to others and we can get COVID ourselves.

    I have received feedback from many tour leaders and would like to hear from all members. Please share your thoughts.

    2. 2021 KNBC Roadside Callout Directory

    Another year has passed, and with this pandemic, many of us are taking to the roads either by ourselves or with another cyclist. As such, there is a greater possibility that we encounter some unsolvable problem while cycling far away from any help or expertise such as a double flat, broken spoke, minor accident, etc.

    To take the stress away from ‘single cycling’, KNBC is continuing its roadside callout directory which will feature an online list of volunteers that other members can call upon for help, or a lift back to civilization. See the Roadside Callout Directory on the KNBC website under “Member Services” - https://knbc.ca/Roadside-Callout

    If you would like to be a volunteer, please submit an email to webmaster@knbc.ca with the following information:

    • Your Name
    • Consent to have your city of residence listed in the directory. This is so a member can locate the best geographic fit for where they are in trouble.

    How this will work

    • If you add yourself to the list, you may be called during daylight hours,
    • You can politely decline if called, no reason required,
    • Repair is at the discretion of the person assisting. It is not a requirement, and
    • If you call, the person is under no obligation to respond

    This directory is not available on the smartphone apps, only the main website. We suggest you bookmark the directory page on your mobile phone web browser before heading out. Either that or put a few names from the list in your phone’s contact list beforehand. Perhaps some people you already know and aren’t likely to be riding with.

    Note that volunteers will need to adhere to the COVID-19 physical distancing rules and wear masks and gloves when picking up.

    This is a members-only service and the Roadside Callout Directory is not viewable to the general public. This temporary initiative will stop when Ottawa Public Health declares that it is safe for our members to cycle in groups. Thanks to everyone who volunteers and cycle safely.

    (Note: CAA Plus members are entitled to 4 service calls per year, whether for your bike or your car.)

    3. Safety tip from Monna - Physical Distancing applies when on the bike

    The typical social distancing rule, of between 1–2 meters, applies when you are standing still inside, or outside with low wind. When we go for a walk, run or bike ride we need to be more careful.

    Before meeting up for a ride, assess key risk factors such as the level of community spread in your area, if you’ve been exposed to the virus, and could be at risk for asymptomatically spreading it, and what fellow riders have been doing to stay safe. Given the current impact of the variant strains, you may wish to ride with a small consistent group that you know and trust, depending on the precautions you all take (and whether or not you have immune compromised loved ones you have in your life).

    Asymptomatic spread is currently of grave concern. This means you may be able to spread the virus to others without knowing you have it, and others may be able to spread it to you. So, PLEASE wear a mask at any rest or snack stops. Be careful , stay safe and stay well!

    4. Safety and Education Blog - How to Crash!

    Spring is here, and Bill is restarting his regular articles in the Safety and Education Blog, which you can find on our website in the Safety and Education Section at https://knbc.ca/Safety-&-Education-Blog

    Bill's new article completes his series on minimizing the risk of crashing while cycling. "How to Crash (Yes There is a Right Way)" discusses the act of crashing and how to train yourself in some simple techniques which will improve your odds of avoiding serious injury if you do crash. You can find it at: https://knbc.ca/Safety-&-Education-Blog/10269437

    The article introduces "Sport Imagery Training", (aka Guided Visualization), an important technique you can use to train yourself to instinctively do the right thing in emergency situations that you can't practice for in real life: like crashing your bike, for instance.

    5. Diversions

    Article: Want to make the streets safer for women? Start with cycling


    Government website: Canada's First National Active Transportation Strategy (includes cycling!)


    Article: Reduced demand is just as important as induced demand


    Article: Review - Three of the best entry level GPS cycling computers for 2021


    Article: Fun cycling jersey - not endorsed by KNBC


    Random Quote of the week:

    “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others’”

    - Martin Luther King Jr.

    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    1. Welcome new members

    Claire Lepage, Susan Greensmith, and Jocelyne Grandlouis

    2. Tour Directors News

    Start of the Season – postponed until early May due to COVID-19 situation

    When you register for a ride there is a box you can tick to indicate: “Yes, I am available to lead an overflow group.” It is extremely important to me that you do tick this box if appropriate. Last year the most difficult thing that I had to do was to arrange overflow rides. Ticking the box can make my job so much easier.

    We will continue to follow the same riding practices as last year. Here is a summary:

    • Ride limited to 8 riders (the leader plus 7 registrants). If the leader wants the limit to be less than 8 riders, the registration system can easily accommodate that.

    • More can ride at a different start time if someone steps forward to lead an overflow ride.

    • All registration is via the club website.

    • No guests.

    • 2 metres distance at all times.

    • Ride single file.

    • At least two water bottles. More on hot days.

    • Picnic lunches only.

    • Everyone brings a mask and hand sanitizer.

    • Leaders also need first aid kit, disposable gloves, and sanitary wipes.

    • Leaders bring the registration list with them from home. No-one registers in the parking lot.

    • Participants are responsible for printing out their own maps and cue sheets.

    Our COVID policies are detailed in full at “KNBC COVID-19 POLICIES” under the “HOME” tab on our website.

    As the season progresses and more and more of us get vaccinated, there will be a temptation to relax these measures. I think we need to hold firm on them until everyone has had an opportunity to be vaccinated. That could turn out to be the entire season, but there are lots of reasons to hope that it will be earlier. We don’t want members who have not been vaccinated to feel that they have to distance themselves from the club because we are not looking after their interests.

    All members are encouraged to lead rides. There is no tour planning meeting this year and probably no tour leader training. We will be populating the calendar by email. So, when you want to lead a ride, please email me the following particulars and I will put the ride in the calendar:

    • Date:

    • Start Time:

    • Ride Level: (L1 or L2 or L3, etc.)

    • Rider limit: If you want fewer than the default 4 riders, then be sure to let me know.

    • Route: The most unambiguous way to specify the route is to send me a URL from our library. For example: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32231454 . If, instead, you give me what you think to be the name of the route, then there is an opportunity for confusion. You can make up your own routes and send me the URL, but, if you do that, be sure that I know the URL is not in our library. Otherwise, when you lead the ride, you will discover that no-one was able to download the route on their smartphone.

    • Lunch Arrangements: During COVID we will be doing picnic lunches only. You may want to talk about washroom availability. You may have reason to alert riders on where they can buy stuff, but we really do want to do everything we can to encourage people to bring from home everything they need to eat or drink.


    FYI: The Quyon ferry between Quyon and Fitzroy Harbour has reopened for the season.

    3. Safety tip from Monna - Be careful on sand and gravel

    Anyone who has ventured out on their bikes can attest to how dirty the roads are. All the winter sand, gravel and general debris on the roads can be treacherous when we are on our bikes. Hitting sand at high speed is comparable to hitting a brick wall - you are going to go down. To avoid injury - be attentive to road surfaces and adjust your speed, especially when cornering.

    Be careful, slow down, and be aware of your environment and the Spring road conditions.

    4. Diversions

    Article: Great COVID-19 bicycle boom expected to keep bike industry on its toes for years to come


    Article: NASA airless tires


    Article: Porsche E-bike or how to use your lottery winnings


    Video: We do not lack public space. What we lack is imagination! (1:08)


    Video: Watch a cyclist get a ticket for ignoring a stop sign


    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    1. Membership renewals

    As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the latest reason to join: https://knbc.ca/Library-of-Day-Tours. The members Forum is also worth a look if you are interesting in selling or buying a bike

    2. March KNBC Zoom social

    We had 20 club members join in (with their glasses of wine, beer, etc.) to answer profound poll questions about topics such as what is their favorite soup. The ‘soup without the fly in it’ got an honourable mention. The worst answer to the diet questions was ‘gained 15lbs I’ve given up, can't wear my lycra outfits’. Plus, we had the first ever KNBC virtual scavenger hunt. Find something that floats, a cycling item, an item older than you (Lori picked Wayne!), something that you made, etc. It was totally silly and fun.

    3. Safety Tip from Monna – Check your bike

    It's time to think about putting away our winter toys and getting out our bikes.

    But - before going on your first ride - take the time to check it and ensure it is in safe operating condition:

    • check the brakes to confirm they are working with proper clearance and no frayed cables;
    • check the gears to ensure they are shifting properly;
    • clean and lubricate your chain; make sure that your quick releases are properly and tightly closed;
    • ensure your tires are properly inflated;
    • ensure any accessories (kickstands, racks, panniers, etc.) are securely fastened;
    • ensure nothing is hanging loose (including clothing) that could become tangled in the gears, brakes or wheel; and
    • ensure you have a working bell—it is the law.

    FYI - Bike Ottawa is hosting a free interactive virtual workshop 03 April at 3pm, to help you learn the ABCs of tuning your bike. Sign up on Eventbrite: (this was in last week’s Bike Shorts as well)


    4. Diversions

    Article: Pickleball: The racquet sport experiencing a pandemic boom


    Article: How pandemic bike lanes made some Canadian cities more accessible


    Article: Ottawa Road Trips has an article on KNBC! (Thanks hardworking PR Director)


    Article: E-bike recommendation from a Vélo Cape Breton member


    Article: E-Bike Review: Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB


    Video: 7 Reasons you only need a gravel bike (6:55)


    Learning: Urban Cycling Institute – Alternative mobility narratives (starts March 22)


    Learning: University of Amsterdam - Unraveling the cycling city (starts any time)



    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    1. Webmaster Report


    For all you Facebook fans, the official KNBC Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/knbc.ca. As the season starts up, feel free to add some posts and pictures of your cycling adventures. This is a moderated page so all posts require approval by one of our 4 moderators. Kudos Michele for the latest.

    Member Forum

    Don’t forget to take advantage of the Member Forum to stay in touch with your fellow members. It’s a great place to start a discussion, ask questions, and setup impromptu rides.

    Library of Day Tours

    Thanks to the efforts of Bill Bourne, we released a revamped Library of Day Tours on the website a few weeks ago. https://knbc.ca/Library-of-Day-Tours. It’s a great place to browse for your next ride. Well, with even more time on our hands, we’re trying to make it even better…. And what could be better than Interactive Maps?  If you pull down the RESOURCES item on the top menu on the website, you’ll see the Library of Day Tours link, which is the main page. If you hover over that link, a sub menu will pop out, and you’ll see, 


    We’ve split all the rides out into their regions, and placed the interactive route maps to RWGPS front and centre. Clicking on any of these will launch a page for that region. Beware, this is still experimental, so there are a few issues. The biggest being load time. Depending how fast your computer and your home network connection is, the West Region may take anywhere from 7 seconds to 3 minutes to load. Phones and iPads may not even load at all. If you want to check one out, the smallest page is the Central Region, so try that. Once loaded everything works fine, but we all hate annoying load times, so we’re working on it. 


    2. Social Director

    Greetings fellow KNBC’ers from your new Social Director! Sadly my portfolio has been pretty inactive of late due to our inability to gather. That said, the days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and soon even the fair weather crowd will be back in the saddle. While group rides will always be our favourite type of gathering, with the vaccine “trickle out” I am hopeful that some social events may resume in the not too distant future. The next event on our calendar would be the New Members’ Welcome in June, followed by the annual Picnic in August. As an indoor event, the New Members’ Welcome is unlikely to be feasible this year but I remain optimistic about the August Picnic (and the opportunity to welcome new members then). Obviously time will tell. In the meantime, our devoted and fearless leader is hosting Zoom Socials which have been very well received by those in attendance so do sign up for those if you haven’t already. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for future events - I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

    Cheers, and I hope to see you out on the road soon! Teresa


    3. Diversions

    Saturday, April 3, 2021 3 -5 pm, Ottawa Bike presents: Spring Tune-Up from Home (Free online event)


    Article: Miss Your Local Bar? Recreate Its Ambiance at Home (for next KNBC Social Zoom call?)


    Article: MapLab: How Car-Centric Street Networks Make Buses Less Efficient


    Article: Regresan los paseos dominicales de Muévete en bici de la CDMX

    Time to practice your Spanish ;)


    Survey: NCC Survey on Gatineau Park parkway use (deadline April 5)


    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly during the cycling season. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    Happy International Women (cyclist) Day

    1. Membership renewals

    As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the latest reason to join: https://knbc.ca/Library-of-Day-Tours. The members Forum is also worth a look if you are interesting in selling or buying a bike

    2. Diversions

    Don't Wait Till Spring! Shop Now!

    Bill Bourne has been talking to his contacts in the bike industry. The shortages of bikes and parts this year is expected to be even more severe than last. One bike shop plans to close on weekends because they know they can't get the bikes and parts they would need to stay open all week. It's been rumoured that Trek will only be able to supply 25% of the demand for their bikes in Canada.

    So best to plan to get yourself sorted *now*. If you wait till spring, you may find yourself stuck.

    Article: Miss Your Local Bar? Recreate Its Ambiance at Home


    Article: Ottawa Public Health


    Article: City of Ottawa Strategic plan – See mobility one pager


    Article: Canyon issues ‘stop ride’ notice to Aeroad owners


    Article: 9 habits of cyclists that make no sense


    Article (sort of): Bike Fitters in Ottawa (recommendations from Ottawa Mountain Bike members)

    http://bike2body.ca (Mary Paterson)



    Recent cycling books at library

    Anderson, Alan (2021) Back on Your Bike: All the Stuff You Need to Know to Be A Cyclist Again.

    Bain, Andrew (2021) Ultimate Cycling Trips.

    Buehler, Ralph & Pucher, John R (Eds) (2021) Cycling for Sustainable Cities.


    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published weekly now. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    1. Membership renewals

    As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the latest reason to join: https://knbc.ca/Library-of-Day-Tours

    2. Welcome new member

    Carol O'Malley

    3. Diversions

    Friday, March 5, 2021 Bike Minds: Tales of the bicycle – Bikes + Children 12:30 pm

    Our first ever mid-day event will feature four inspiring stories about children. We'll hear from a parent, a teacher, an instructor, and a tutor with experience cycling as children and getting more kids on bikes. Free.


    Article: Prepping for cycling season? MIT study: 24-hour fasting regenerates stem cells, doubles metabolism



    Article: You can now walk or bike from New York City to Canada, thanks to this new 750-mile trail


    Video: Tour de St. Laurent (2,400 kms) (16:37)


    Video: Cycling in San Francisco – hills, no brakes, no cables (5:03).


    In English with French subtitles.


    E-Global Winter Cycling Congress 2021

    Here are recordings of both days of the congress. A mixture of bike tours, panel discussions and presentations.

    Day 1, Thursday 11 February 2021: https://youtu.be/uPrLlWbKt-E

    Day 2, Friday 12 February 2021: https://youtu.be/v7iz_2fZ3Fc


    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

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    Bike Shorts will be published less frequently over the winter. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    Next issue of Bike Shorts – March 1

    1) Membership renewals

    As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    2) Welcome new members

    Jean-Jo, Lorraine and Janice

    3) Tour Director News

    Library of Day Tours

    A few weeks ago, Bill Bourne proposed a new user interface into the club library that would be easier to navigate than the interface provided by RideWithGPS.  Since then, he and Dave have been beavering away and here are the excellent results:


    We call this interface the “Library of Day Tours”. It is entirely focused on routes in the Ottawa vicinity and is a subset of all the routes in our library. It does not contain:

    • ·        Routes for multiday tours
    • ·        Hikes
    • ·        Many routes that have not been ridden in the last two years.

    This means that, when you are using the Library of Day Tours, you don’t have to wade through the routes that are unlikely to interest you. When you do want to see all the routes in KNBC’s library, you will continue to use the RideWithGPS interface - https://ridewithgps.com/organizations/1986-kanata-nepean-bicycle-club-knbc/routes?

    For each route in the Library of Day Tours, the distance and the elevation gain are listed along with a route description. You can click on the RideWithGPS route that you would download on your smartphone or GPS device. You can also click on the cuesheet and print it. The routes are grouped by region (North, South, East, West and Central)

    Those who have been with KNBC for more than a year will find that the Library of Day Tours has a look and feel similar to that of our old library.  It will be much more familiar than the RideWithGPS interface.

    Please take some time to browse through the library, and let us know what you think. Tom

    4. KNBC February 16 social

    Despite some glitches in logging to the Zoom call (Host error), 20 KNBC members chatted for over 60 minutes, answered silly poll questions about haircuts, travel, using Tinder© and shared their winter exercise activities (indoors and out). Next KNBC Zoom Social will be March 15, 2021.

    5. Diversions

    Article: 12 indoor trainer thoughts every cyclist can relate to


    Article: Review: 5 indoor cycling trainers ridden & Rated


    Website: Ottawa Bike Parking Strategy


    Article for KNBC musicians: Ottawa Experimental Music works to shine a light on experimental musicians


    Music: Following in Tiny Tim’s footsteps: Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain


    Video: Vera Lynn sings ‘We’ll meet again’

    Of course, we could meet again at the March KNBC Zoom social or on the road in late March/early April


    Video: Different uses for bicycles - Maya Pedal (2:32)



    Education: 4 week online course offered by U. Amsterdam - Unraveling the Cycling City


    Article: I got a ticket riding my bicycle. Was it supposed to come with demerits?


    This is a synopsis of the article if you can’t access it.

    “On provincial offences tickets in Ontario, there’s a box that says ‘motor vehicle involved,’” Brown said, “You have to make sure that no is checked off – or that cops write on the ticket that it’s a bike – so it’s apparent that you weren’t in a car.” If that’s not marked, the “automatic assumption when they fire it off to the MTO” is that you were driving and you’ll get demerits.

    To keep your licence and driving record safe, Brown suggests not giving your licence to police when you’re pulled over on a bicycle. “You don’t have to show a driver’s licence in Ontario, you just have to give your name and address,” Brown said.

    X-country Youtube videos to educate and inspire

    Nordic Ski Lab

    Introduction to Skate Skiing Techniques - YouTube

    How Body Position Works in V2 One Skate - YouTube

    V2 Skating technique

    Cross-country skiiing: V2 skating technique - YouTube

    V1 Skating technique

    XC skiing technique skating: V1 skating left - YouTube

    And the X-C Ski Academy

    V2, V2A, No Pole Skate, Double Flexion & Extension Skate Skiing - YouTube




    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC

  • 22 Feb 2021 1:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    KNBC's current President, Geoffrey Gurd, has joined a private Facebook (FB) group of Ontario cycling club Presidents.  The FB group, which is led by the Oakville cycling club, was formed today Feb. 22, 2021.

  • 8 Feb 2021 10:10 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Bike Shorts will be published less frequently over the winter. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)knbc.ca

    Next issue of Bike Shorts – Feb. 22

    1) Membership renewals

    As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    2. Diversions

    Seriously ambitious long rides to consider

    The Great American Rail-Trail, only 5,955km long!


    Empire State Trail, a short 1,207 KMs!


    Article: How bike-friendly ‘slow streets' are changing cities


    Article: Un projet pilote à Granby pour des bandes rugueuses aux abords des pistes cyclables


    Article: Generation Z shifts to e-bikes and car-sharing models


    Article: Major Taylor Journal: There are already many Black cyclists — we just overlook them


    Article: Bicycle companies create cycling marketing board to fuel bike boom


    Video: Esprit de groupe / Group spirit (1:33)


    Time waster: Put a Bernie Sanders meme in front of your house



    Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC