Bike Shorts, August 24, 2020

31 Aug 2020 9:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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1. Wanted - Members of the KNBC Executive Committee

We are starting early to fill four anticipated vacancies on our Volunteer Executive for the next year and are looking for anyone who might be interested in joining the group, without which the Club cannot function. The vacancies are for President, Public Relations Director, Social Director, and Secretary. The most critical position is President. The two other people leaving the executive have done a great job and have been great colleagues. The Social Director position has been vacant since March. There are descriptions of the roles & responsibilities in the members’ only section of the website under executive contact info.

The club’s executive has set up a search committee to help find candidates to fill these positions. The committee (the head hunters) is composed of Geoffrey Gurd, Mary Aaftink, Barrie Kirk and Lori Henley. If you think you might be interested, please chat up any of the above individuals. And don’t be surprised if they contact you. Just as the club cannot operate without ride leaders, it is the same situation with having a full, supportive and committed executive.

2. The Rides (Aug 25-31)

Changes in the tour schedule may occur at short notice. Please check the Club Calendar on the website, as well as your email, prior to heading to a start location. Cancellations and additions will be reflected on the calendar, as soon as the Tour Director or Assistant Tour Director is notified. Additionally, if a ride gets cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email. Tour leaders are reminded to contact the Tour Director at: if any changes are required to their ride. Full details on all rides can be found on the KNBC Club Calendar of rides and events on the KNBC website. The KNBC Calendar, containing the most up to date info on your rides, is located at

Sunday August 30

L3 - Champlain Lookout - 65 km

L1 - Alymer - 50 km

3. Safety tip from Monna - Try to ride as straight as possible when in a group

When riding in a group, it is very distracting and dangerous (to both the riders and motorists behind you) if you meander back and forth from the edge of the road. Try to ride in as straight a line as possible. If road width, conditions and traffic permit, the ideal position is 3' from the curb or the edge of the asphalt (or car doors). This will give you manoeuvrability when required, and will help keep you clear of grates and most debris.

4. Diversions

Podcast: Plain Bicycle

I learned about this podcast during her presentation at Bike Minds on August 12. The podcast follows a group of Canadians who travel to the Netherlands to fill a shipping container with second hand Dutch bicycles to bring home to Winnipeg. Host Erin Riediger speaks to the Plain Bicycle Project team and Dutch cycling experts Herbert Tiemens and Modacity's Melissa Bruntlett and Chris Bruntlett.

Gravel article: This new 800-km gravel bikepacking route is designed for adventure

Article: Five excuses cyclists make when they get dropped

Article for cyclists who bake: The mesmerizing geometry of Malaysia’s most complex cakes

Video: Medieval cyclists (0:54)

Products you didn’t think you really needed dept.: 2021 Zeltini Z-Triton Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper (video 2:25)


Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC