Bike Shorts, May 18, 2020

25 May 2020 4:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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1. Tour Director news

2. Safety tip from Monna

3. Diversions

1. Tour Director news

The three lessons we distributed on “Using RideWithGPS to Create Bike Routes” have received positive feedback for which we are grateful. However, reading instructions from a sheet of paper is not the best or easiest way to learn. When the smoke clears from Covid-19, I would like to use these lessons as the basis for teaching three or four people at a time, with us all in the same room. It will be much easier to demonstrate techniques and to answer questions. But I can’t see that happening this year.

Lots of us have been video conferencing over the last two months. For myself, I have learned quite a bit about zoom and how to tutor high school math over the internet. I have recently learned how to make my screen appear on someone else’s screen, and I believe I can explain to a student how to make their screen appear on my screen. This has great potential for teaching. If you have some questions about the RideWithGPS lessons, and would like to try resolving them using zoom, then let me know. You don’t need to know anything about Zoom. I will set it up from my end and explain to you on the phone what you need to do. To participate you need a computer with a mouse. The mouse is not absolutely necessary, but it is very nice to have for applications like RideWithGPS or Google Maps. Please, no Tablets or Smart Phones. I have little experience with either of them. It would be nice if you have a camera and a microphone, but these are not necessary.

Tom Wiley

2. Safety Tip from Monna - signal and/or call out your intentions

It is imperative to communicate your intention to stop, change lanes, turn, and/or generally manoeuvre around traffic, other cyclists, pedestrians, obstacles, construction etc.

Use an open palm with spread fingers for maximum visibility (it is a signal NOT a point);

Straighten up on the bike – if you are too bent over, it may be difficult for others to actually see the signal;

Shoulder check BEFORE signalling, while maintaining straight line riding;

Return your hands to your handlebars when crossing or turning at an intersection;

There are two methods to signal ‘right turning’. The decision of which to use is situational: Ask yourself ‘on what side of me, is the intended audience’ (i.e. is there traffic merging from the right) and signal accordingly.

Equally imperative, when intending to pass another cyclist, first ensure it is safe to do so. Then, pass only on the left, and warn the other cyclist by clearly stating 'passing on your left'. Give them sufficient space to avoid a wobble from being startled.

3. Diversions

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Discover and watch films during this first ever 10-day global film festival co-curated by over 20 film festivals from across the world, May 29 - June 7. All funds raised during the festival will benefit COVID-19 relief funds. Subscribe to this channel for the latest information on film, talks and schedule.

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