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Happy Easter

1. Tour director news

2. Safety tip from Monna

3. Diversions

1. Tour Director News – Using KNBC’s RideWithGPS Library

We want to encourage members to use our RWGPS (RideWithGPS) library of bike routes. Here is the direct link to it:

Please go to this link and then bookmark it so that our library is forever just a click away.

Now, if by any chance you should have any time on your hands, let’s play with it a bit. First you will notice that the “Route Name” column is not wide enough for our route names. So let’s widen it. To do that, move the cursor just to the left of “Tags” in the grey (light blue?) bar. As you move the cursor back and forth, you will see “<-||->”. When you see it, hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor to the right. When you release the mouse button, the column will widen. Once you have finished widening the “Route Name” column, you might want to widen the “Tags” column.

Now as you page down, you will see all 289 routes in our library. Let’s narrow the search. In the “Filter by Tag” box enter “v2020”. Now you can see about 115 routes. These are the routes that Bill Bourne, Dave Boshard, and I have vetted in the last month or so. We have updated the routes, upgraded the cue sheets and verified the ride descriptions. In most cases v2020 routes were ridden by the club in 2019. So these are the routes that you will usually be most interested in.

Suppose you are interested in finding a route to Carp. Get rid of the v2020 tag so that we are looking at all the rides. Now type “carp” in the “by Name” box. Seventeen rides appear; some of them go to Carp and some of them start at Carp. To see only the rides that start at Carp, type “[car” in the “by Name” box. To see the rides that go to Carp, type “carp” in the “by Name” box. The names of the rides that you see are not very descriptive. So move the cursor to the “View” column. As you move the cursor down the column, from one route to another, small maps of the routes appear. This should give you a good idea of which routes interest you. Having found a route of interest, click on “View” for that route, and the RWGPS route comes up.

The tags “Gravel”, “Hilly” and “Pathway” probably don’t require explanation. “v2020” means vetted in 2020. The other tags are used by Bill, Dave and myself to manage the library.

You might also want to look at the CCCTS library. Here is the direct link:

When searching their library you might want to restrict your search with the tag “National Capital Region” or perhaps by Location “Ottawa”. The tags “North”, “South”, “East” and “West” might also be helpful.

Here is a great resource.

Sometimes (for example, right now, as I am testing it) when I click on this link, it goes to some weird place. When that happens, I have to copy the link and paste it into the address bar of my browser. If you are in the right place, it will say “CLUB DIRECTORY” and below that is a list of almost 500 bike club libraries for you to look at. If that’s not what you see, then you have to paste the link into the address bar of your browser. If you are planning a multi-day tour or going on holiday with your bike, you can search this directory by location to find bike clubs in your area of interest. Then you browse through their libraries and pick out the rides you want.  Tom Wiley

2. Safety Tip from Monna - The Physical Distancing rule applies when on the bike!

The typical social distancing rule, of between 1–2 meters, which many countries apply seems effective when you are standing still inside or even outside with low wind. But, when we go for a walk, run or bike ride we need to be more careful. Study results from Belgian and Dutch scientists advise that for walking the distance of people moving in the same direction in 1 line should be at least 4–5 meter, for running and slow biking it should be 10 meters and for hard biking at least 20 meters. Also, when passing someone it is advised to already be in different lane at a considerable distance e.g. 20 meters for biking.

For more info - here is the link. There is some disagreement on the web about this recommendation.

3. Diversions

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