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1. Tour Director news

2. The Rides (May 14 - 20)

3. Wednesday Evening Mystery Rides Returning soon

4. Tour Leader Training - Saturday 15 June 7-9 pm

5. Tour Planning Meeting - Friday June 28, 7-9 pm

6. Safety tip from Monna

7. Diversions

8. KNBC website


1. Tour Director news

Registration for Day Tours

With the registration feature working well beyond our expectations, we will now be asking that you RSVP for any ride you will be attending. It does not matter if the ride is remote or not. Those intending to attend any ride, regardless of the start location, will be asked to RSVP, using the "Register” button in the ride details. You can still notify the Tour Leader by email or phone, but the preferred method is by using the “Register” button, located on the left side of the “Ride Details” page, of the ride on which you are registering. To avoid instances of people registering too far in advance and then forgetting about it, registration for each ride will only become available/active 2 weeks prior to the ride date. After you register for a ride, you will automatically receive an email giving you full details about the ride for which you registered. You may also receive notices by email from your tour leader, if there are any last minute changes, cancellations, special instruction etc. This has proven to be an excellent feature of the new website and has been extremely well received by participants and Tour Leaders alike.

2. The Rides (May 14-20)

Changes in the tour schedule may occur at short notice. Please check the Club Calendar on the website, as well as your email, prior to heading to a start location. Typically, Bike Shorts Extras will not be sent out for cancellations or short notice ride additions. Instead, cancellations and additions will be reflected on the calendar, as soon as the Tour Director or Assistant Tour Director is notified. Additionally, if a ride gets cancelled or changed, you will be notified by email, providing you have registered on it using the “Register” button.

Tour leaders are reminded to contact the Tour Director ASAP, if any changes are required to their ride.

Full details on all rides can be found on the KNBC Club Calendar of rides and events on the KNBC website. The KNBC Calendar, containing the most up to date info on your rides, is located at

15 May 2019

L1 - Becketts Landing - 51 km

L1 - Becketts Landing - 51 km

L3 - Blakeney-Almonte-Appleton - 89 km

L4 - Blakeney-Almonte-Appleton - 89 km

18 May 2019

L3 - Arnprior-Burnstown - 71.5 km

L4 - Carleton Place - 75.5 km

19 May 2019

L2 - Ashton via Old Almonte Rd - 59.5 km

L3 - Kilmarnock Lock - 85 km

L4 - Kilmarnock Lock - 85 km

20 May 2019

L3 - Perth - Balderson - 95 km

L4 – Buckingham - 121.5 km

Should you have any questions or require more information, contact the KNBC Tour Director at:

3. Wednesday Evening Mystery Rides Returning soon

The Wednesday Evening Mystery Rides will be returning very soon.

The very first one for this season is expected to be scheduled for Wednesday 22 May. More details on this will be in next week's Bike Shorts. Please note: you do not need to RSVP for these rides. They are very impromptu and loosely organized.

Below are the details on what to expect: This is a RIDE and SOCIAL EVENT

Commencing Wednesday 22 May, please join us on Wednesday evenings at Centrepointe for impromptu tours of 90 to 120 minutes, followed by socializing at the Royal Oak pub.

L1, L2, L3 L4 and L5 speed groups will be arranged at the start depending on turnout.

Start = 6:15 pm, behind the Royal Oak Pub 117 Centrepointe Drive.

Please Note: These are impromptu rides.  As such, they are not formally organised and have no pre-determined leader(s) or routes. That's all part of the "mystery" and what makes these rides such a fun hit.

They are also weather dependent. Generally speaking, if the weather looks very questionable, there is a good chance there will be reduced numbers (if any) of the tour leaders showing up to volunteer to lead a group. 

Since they are impromptu, they appear as a standing entry in the calendar -meaning they are never really formally cancelled, because they are never really formally organised. Members are expected to use their own judgement in deciding to attend or not.  

If you get there and discover the weather is not good enough for cycling, you can always skip the ride and go straight to the social part at the Royal Oak ;-).

4.  Tour Leader Training - Saturday 15 June 7-9 pm

Where: Community room of "Brown's Your Independent Grocer", 1251 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville,

Date: Saturday 15 June

Time: 7-9 pm

Details: Back by popular demand, tour leader training is scheduled for Saturday 15 June in the community room of Brown's Your Independent Grocer, 1251 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville. The store is located at 1251 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville,

This training is highly recommended for new tour leaders, potential tour leaders and anyone else who may be tempted to lead an occasional ride this season.  It is also very useful for those who have been a tour leader for some time and would like a refresher

RSVP: This event is now on the KNBC calendar. If you are planning to attend, simply go to the event on the Club calendar and register by using the register button.

If you have any question about this, please do not hesitate to contact the KNBC Tour Director at

5.  Tour Planning Meeting - Friday June 28, 7-9 pm

When: Friday June 28, 7-9 pm

Where: Community Room of Browns Independent Grocer, Stittsville.

RSVP: This event is now on the KNBC calendar. If you are planning to attend, simply go to the event on the Club calendar and register by using the register button.

Who: This meeting is for all Tour Leaders, potential Tour Leaders and anyone else who may be tempted to lead an occasional ride this season.

Special instructions: If you have not already done so, now is the time to start thinking about when you are available and willing to lead rides in the Second half of the season (July-September).  It’s also time to start thinking about what rides you would like to lead, because specific rides will not be pre-assigned in the calendar by the Tour Director.  Please review the ride library and your personal calendar, so you can come prepared to help fill up the KNBC ride calendar with wonderful rides.

Here is a link to the KNBC Library of Day Tours

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please send the KNBC Tour Director a list of dates you are available to lead rides, together with the following information:

            • Date;

            • Ride name and # as it appears in the Club Library;

            • Start location;

            • Start time;

            • Distance;

            • Level;

If you have any question about this, please do not hesitate to contact the KNBC Tour Director at

5. Safety tip from Monna – Try to ride straight as possible when in a group

When riding in a group, it is very distracting and dangerous (to both the riders and motorists behind you) if you meander back and forth from the edge of the road. Try to ride in as straight a line as possible. If road width, conditions and traffic permit, the ideal position is 3' from the curb or the edge of the asphalt (or car doors). This will give you maneuverability when required, and will help keep you clear of grates and most debris.

"Teach the Reach Act" - Update

The “Dutch reach method” is a method of opening a vehicle door in order to reduce the risk of injuring (dooring), a cyclist approaching the vehicle from behind:

·         The person checks the rear-view mirror and the side-view mirror for oncoming traffic;

·         The person uses his or her hand that is the farthest from the door and reaches across his or her body to place the hand on the door handle;

·         The person opens the door sufficiently to look in the direction of the oncoming traffic and check one more time for oncoming traffic; and 

·         The person opens the door completely and exits the vehicle.

The bill was introduced by MPP Marit Stiles and would see the Dutch Reach method included in driver's education manuals, programs and testing in Ontario. For more information and to show your support - go to

6. Diversions

Monday, June 10, New Members welcome event, 3 Brewers, Kanata Centrum, 7- 9 pm

This is an initial heads up for new members.  The KNBC executive would like you to join us for a new members welcome.  More information will be provided in the next Bike shorts, including how to register for the event on our website.  Meanwhile please pencil in this date.

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Articles: Updates on cycling in Ottawa

Article: Cycling in the City - May 2019

Booth Street Cycle Tracks Ready for First Full Cycling Season

The Booth Street Bridge has undergone a transportation transformation. A combination of cycle tracks and bike lanes were constructed in 2018 on the Booth Street Bridge to create a safer environment for cyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and motorists. These new cycling facilities will serve the future O-Train Pimisi station, planned development sites such as LeBreton Flats and Zibi, and onward cycling connections both along and across the Ottawa River. 

The new cycle lanes are continuous with broad designated pedestrian crossing areas indicated by a ladder crosswalk pavement marking, similar to crosswalks on the roads. There are pavement markings at the commencement of the cycling track, indicating both the designated cyclist and the pedestrian areas. While this does provide added protection, cyclists are required to yield to pedestrians at designated pedestrian crossing areas. To learn more about this facility and information for different users, refer to the Booth Street Bridge information on the City’s website.

Protected Intersections – A New Design for Ottawa

To make intersections more safe and comfortable for people walking, cycling and driving, the City of Ottawa is implementing the ‘protected intersection’ concept at certain locations. Protected intersections provide dedicated space and crossings for pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles at a signal-controlled intersection. The design improves safety and comfort while minimizing potential conflicts by incorporating the following key features; 1) corner safety islands; 2) forward stop bars; 3) setback crossings; and 4) dedicated bicycle signals. You can find more details about these features on the City’s website, along with a list of protected intersection locations and a link to a short explanatory video.

Form needed to sign up for the Cycling in the city newsletter.

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Shopping update: Décathlon and Mountain Warehouse stores

The huge French sporting store Décathlon will be opening a store this fall on 2021 St Laurent Blvd.

Meanwhile, the British store, Mountain Warehouse is open at the Tanger Outlet Mall #190 
8555 Campeau Drive,
(613) 8360595

5. KNBC Website


Our stats show us averaging over 1000 page visits per day! The Upcoming Rides page was the most popular destination so we’ve updated it to make it more user friendly. You’ll now be able to view rides by level. As always, go to the main calendar page if you need a more overall view and more viewing options.

Bell email

Happy days, as of May 9, Bell seems to have resolved their email issues with us. All and emails are now making it through.


If you worry what will happen if you’re incapacitated while riding and no-one is around, consider carrying additional ID. Many of us at the club use RoadID to carry our contact and emergency information. You can see more at their website. They have quite a few options.


Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC