Bike Shorts, March 29, 2021

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1. Welcome new members

Claire Lepage, Susan Greensmith, and Jocelyne Grandlouis

2. Tour Directors News

Start of the Season – postponed until early May due to COVID-19 situation

When you register for a ride there is a box you can tick to indicate: “Yes, I am available to lead an overflow group.” It is extremely important to me that you do tick this box if appropriate. Last year the most difficult thing that I had to do was to arrange overflow rides. Ticking the box can make my job so much easier.

We will continue to follow the same riding practices as last year. Here is a summary:

• Ride limited to 8 riders (the leader plus 7 registrants). If the leader wants the limit to be less than 8 riders, the registration system can easily accommodate that.

• More can ride at a different start time if someone steps forward to lead an overflow ride.

• All registration is via the club website.

• No guests.

• 2 metres distance at all times.

• Ride single file.

• At least two water bottles. More on hot days.

• Picnic lunches only.

• Everyone brings a mask and hand sanitizer.

• Leaders also need first aid kit, disposable gloves, and sanitary wipes.

• Leaders bring the registration list with them from home. No-one registers in the parking lot.

• Participants are responsible for printing out their own maps and cue sheets.

Our COVID policies are detailed in full at “KNBC COVID-19 POLICIES” under the “HOME” tab on our website.

As the season progresses and more and more of us get vaccinated, there will be a temptation to relax these measures. I think we need to hold firm on them until everyone has had an opportunity to be vaccinated. That could turn out to be the entire season, but there are lots of reasons to hope that it will be earlier. We don’t want members who have not been vaccinated to feel that they have to distance themselves from the club because we are not looking after their interests.

All members are encouraged to lead rides. There is no tour planning meeting this year and probably no tour leader training. We will be populating the calendar by email. So, when you want to lead a ride, please email me the following particulars and I will put the ride in the calendar:

• Date:

• Start Time:

• Ride Level: (L1 or L2 or L3, etc.)

• Rider limit: If you want fewer than the default 4 riders, then be sure to let me know.

• Route: The most unambiguous way to specify the route is to send me a URL from our library. For example: . If, instead, you give me what you think to be the name of the route, then there is an opportunity for confusion. You can make up your own routes and send me the URL, but, if you do that, be sure that I know the URL is not in our library. Otherwise, when you lead the ride, you will discover that no-one was able to download the route on their smartphone.

• Lunch Arrangements: During COVID we will be doing picnic lunches only. You may want to talk about washroom availability. You may have reason to alert riders on where they can buy stuff, but we really do want to do everything we can to encourage people to bring from home everything they need to eat or drink.


FYI: The Quyon ferry between Quyon and Fitzroy Harbour has reopened for the season.

3. Safety tip from Monna - Be careful on sand and gravel

Anyone who has ventured out on their bikes can attest to how dirty the roads are. All the winter sand, gravel and general debris on the roads can be treacherous when we are on our bikes. Hitting sand at high speed is comparable to hitting a brick wall - you are going to go down. To avoid injury - be attentive to road surfaces and adjust your speed, especially when cornering.

Be careful, slow down, and be aware of your environment and the Spring road conditions.

4. Diversions

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Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC