Bike Shorts, Feb.21, 2021

28 Feb 2021 9:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Bike Shorts will be published less frequently over the winter. You are very welcome to suggest photos, cartoons, stories, events, links, etc. Just send your info to bikeshorts(at)

Next issue of Bike Shorts – March 1

1) Membership renewals

As we begin 2021, you should have received an email asking you to renew your membership. There are still lots of advantages to joining as we continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2) Welcome new members

Jean-Jo, Lorraine and Janice

3) Tour Director News

Library of Day Tours

A few weeks ago, Bill Bourne proposed a new user interface into the club library that would be easier to navigate than the interface provided by RideWithGPS.  Since then, he and Dave have been beavering away and here are the excellent results:

We call this interface the “Library of Day Tours”. It is entirely focused on routes in the Ottawa vicinity and is a subset of all the routes in our library. It does not contain:

  • ·        Routes for multiday tours
  • ·        Hikes
  • ·        Many routes that have not been ridden in the last two years.

This means that, when you are using the Library of Day Tours, you don’t have to wade through the routes that are unlikely to interest you. When you do want to see all the routes in KNBC’s library, you will continue to use the RideWithGPS interface -

For each route in the Library of Day Tours, the distance and the elevation gain are listed along with a route description. You can click on the RideWithGPS route that you would download on your smartphone or GPS device. You can also click on the cuesheet and print it. The routes are grouped by region (North, South, East, West and Central)

Those who have been with KNBC for more than a year will find that the Library of Day Tours has a look and feel similar to that of our old library.  It will be much more familiar than the RideWithGPS interface.

Please take some time to browse through the library, and let us know what you think. Tom

4. KNBC February 16 social

Despite some glitches in logging to the Zoom call (Host error), 20 KNBC members chatted for over 60 minutes, answered silly poll questions about haircuts, travel, using Tinder© and shared their winter exercise activities (indoors and out). Next KNBC Zoom Social will be March 15, 2021.

5. Diversions

Article: 12 indoor trainer thoughts every cyclist can relate to

Article: Review: 5 indoor cycling trainers ridden & Rated

Website: Ottawa Bike Parking Strategy

Article for KNBC musicians: Ottawa Experimental Music works to shine a light on experimental musicians

Music: Following in Tiny Tim’s footsteps: Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain

Video: Vera Lynn sings ‘We’ll meet again’

Of course, we could meet again at the March KNBC Zoom social or on the road in late March/early April

Video: Different uses for bicycles - Maya Pedal (2:32)

Education: 4 week online course offered by U. Amsterdam - Unraveling the Cycling City

Article: I got a ticket riding my bicycle. Was it supposed to come with demerits?

This is a synopsis of the article if you can’t access it.

“On provincial offences tickets in Ontario, there’s a box that says ‘motor vehicle involved,’” Brown said, “You have to make sure that no is checked off – or that cops write on the ticket that it’s a bike – so it’s apparent that you weren’t in a car.” If that’s not marked, the “automatic assumption when they fire it off to the MTO” is that you were driving and you’ll get demerits.

To keep your licence and driving record safe, Brown suggests not giving your licence to police when you’re pulled over on a bicycle. “You don’t have to show a driver’s licence in Ontario, you just have to give your name and address,” Brown said.

X-country Youtube videos to educate and inspire

Nordic Ski Lab

Introduction to Skate Skiing Techniques - YouTube

How Body Position Works in V2 One Skate - YouTube

V2 Skating technique

Cross-country skiiing: V2 skating technique - YouTube

V1 Skating technique

XC skiing technique skating: V1 skating left - YouTube

And the X-C Ski Academy

V2, V2A, No Pole Skate, Double Flexion & Extension Skate Skiing - YouTube



Geoffrey Gurd, President, KNBC